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Frequently Asked Questions about corporate housing from ExtendedStayHomes.com

Please also refer to Rates and Policies page for additional information on our corporate short term rentals.

Q. I don't know how long I will need the apartment; can I rent on a month-to-month basis?
A. Yes. It is our policy that your temporary corporate apartment shall remain yours until you notify us that you do not need it any longer. Unlike other interim housing providers, we will NOT re-rent your temporary corporate apartment (forcing you to move, temporarily, again!) prior to your approval. We require a minimum of 30 days written (email or fax) notice of your future intention to end your lease term. We even can provide you with a form letter!

Q. Oops I miscalculated! What do I do if I need to stay beyond my initial lease term?
A. It's simple. Just give us notice, 30 days prior to your lease expiration date. Then we can continue on a month-to-month basis (see previous answer).

Q. What is the total amount due to move into your corporate short term rentals?
A. The one month's rent + security deposit. Also see Rates and Policies.

Q. Are there any other fees or costs?
A. There is a one-time cleaning fee of $125. Also see Rates and Policies for details.

Q. Can I occupy my furnished interim housing in the middle of a month?
A. Yes, you can start any day, you are not restricted to the 1st of the month. Also see the property’s page for availability dates. Your rent will be prorated based on your lease start date. You will receive the prorated rent credit the following month since we require a full one month's rent prior to moving into your apartment.

Q. Do I need to arrange for utility services?
A. No. All utilities are "on" and ready for your immediate use, which includes electric, gas, water, phone service, cable TV and high speed internet…Just Like Home! Also, please refer to the property’s page for details.

Q. Are utilities included in the rent for your temporary corporate apartments?
A. Yes and No.
Yes: Some properties are priced with all the utilities included, please refer to the property’s page for details. Additionally, if you or your company prefers the convenience of one bill each month we can set any property up with all the utilities included.
No: Please refer to the property’s page for details. Some tenants prefer detailed actual usage billing. In these cases, we pay the monthly bills and every 2+ months the tenant is invoiced for their actual usage. Copies of the bills are attached to the invoice and the actual amounts are prorated based on the bill date and move-in/move-out dates.

Q. Do you allow pets?
A. Pets are allowed in certain properties with prior written approval and consent. There are NO additional security deposits required for pets. Please contact us for pet friendly locations or refer to the property’s page for details. See below also.

Q. What is your pet policy?
1. There is a one-time pet cleaning fee (fur & dander removal) of $350 which will be deducted from your security deposit upon vacating your corporate short term rental. We must have all upholstery, draperies, linens & area rugs professionally cleaned as well as more thorough cleaning around and behind furniture.
2. There is a "pet rent" charge of $200/month/pet.
3. All pets must be kept indoors and taken outdoors on a leash.
4. You are responsible for your pet.

Q. Are stereos, microwave ovens, vacuums, DVD and VCR players all included in the rental price?
A. Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes ... all these items are included, there are no extra charges for these necessities.

Q. Does your furnished interim housing have a washer & dryer?
A. Yes.

Q. Can you provide housekeeper/cleaning service?
A. Yes. We can arrange weekly or bi-weekly cleaning services for an additional fee.

Q. I'm trying to decide what items I should bring with me, do you have a list of included items?
A. Yes, we can provide a complete inventory list upon request. At a minimum, "Just bring a toothbrush & a suitcase!"

Q. Is there an alarm clock?
A. Yes.

Q. With all other temporary corporate apartments I have to decide on which furniture rental package I want/need and whether I want to pay extra for art on the walls…I have a lot on my mind right now, do I have to make all these confusing, costly decisions with your furnished interim housing?
A. No. All our furnished interim housing properties are uniquely furnished and distinctly decorated at all times. No two properties are alike…each property is individually furnished, decorated & completely equipped. We have no such thing as a “standard” furnishing package; each unique temporary corporate apartment is decorated with all the necessary furnishings, whatever it takes, until it’s comfortable and complete. The only thing you choose is which one of our unique corporate short term rentals and prime locations you want. "Just bring a toothbrush & a suitcase!"

Q. I have a bicycle/empty boxes/suitcases, is there any on-site area to store these items?
A. Yes, you have a designated storage space in the basement, attic, storage room and/or garage. Since storage space is limited, we cannot permit the storage of furniture or very large items.

Q. I will be new to the area and will be looking for a home to purchase. Can you help me find a home to buy or refer me to another experienced REALTOR?
A. Yes. Bruce Cebula has been a licensed real estate broker and REALTOR with over 18 years full time experience. Bruce knows the area real estate market. He views, manages, brokers, sells and buys real estate everyday. Bruce works with only the best REALTORS in every market we have properties represented. Please ask Bruce to refer you to the most knowledgeable and experienced REALTOR in your area.

Q. What are Affiliated Properties in your ExtendedStayHomes.com network?
A. We list other owners’ distinguished furnished properties on our website. Not all furnished properties can become Affiliated Properties; only those properties which conform to ExtendedStayHomes.com’s values and standards.

Q. I am re-locating for a period of time out of state/country. Can you find a tenant to rent my furnished temporary home and also manage my property during my absence?
A. Yes. We generate inquiries everyday from people in need of furnished temporary homes in every area of the country and we can certainly rent your furnished home. We can also provide fee based management services for your furnished house.

Q. I have a furnished vacation rental that is only occupied during the “season”. Can you find a tenant to rent my furnished vacation rental during the “off-season”?
A. Yes. We generate inquiries everyday and we can certainly rent your furnished vacation rental, anywhere, anytime!




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