ExtendedStayHomes.com provides fully furnished temporary corporate housing in and around select cities in the US.
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Points of Culture

Our Values…


I am committed to the Vision, Mission, Goals, Rules and Values of ExtendedStayHomes.com, its current and future team, its clients and customers at all times. I always recommend the products and services of ExtendedStayHomes.com prior to going outside the company.


I accept that I am truly responsible for my actions and outcomes and own everything that takes place in my properties, my work and my life.


I believe in the Fair Housing Act and follow the guidelines for Equal Housing Opportunity.
I always speak the truth. What I promise is what I deliver.
I only make agreements I am willing to keep.
I take responsibility for responses to my communication.
I always maintain a “first come, first serve basis” when renting to qualified guests.
I communicate any potential broken agreements at the first opportunity.
I always speak positively of my fellow clients, guests and ExtendedStayHomes.com in both public and private.

Responsive Management

I always apologize for any upsets first…and then look for a solution.
I will respond to all guests and potential guests' questions or requests, property problems or complaints immediately upon notice.
I will always attempt to resolve any property maintenance or furnishing issue the same day and always within 24 hours.

Superior Customer Service

I understand the value of a satisfied customer guest and their referrals. I will always try to satisfy a guest. A satisfied guest will give positive testimonials and will refer their friends, family and business associates.
I believe the customer guest is always right.

Quality Housing

I always maintain an accurate inventory list of furnishings. I understand the importance of maintaining quality and quantity of all furnished items. I will immediately clean, repair, replace or upgrade all furnishings which are soiled, stained, broken, torn, missing, worn, misshapen or non-coordinating.
I routinely perform property inspections. I will always make improvements to the exterior building and grounds, interior walls, ceilings, floors, windows, fixtures, appliances and furnishings.
I understand the real estate credo of Location, Location & Location. I will always perceive properties to be in excellent locations if it is suitable for my family's residence.
I always deliver products of exceptional quality that add value for the long term. I look for ways to do more with less and stay on a path of constant and never ending improvement and innovation.


I empathize and understand the stress and uncertainties of our guest's relocation. I will always be flexible and accommodating to my guests needs. I will offer flexible lease terms and conditions, offering minimum 30 day stays and lease terminations with 30 days notice. I believe a guest shall always have the right to stay in the property until the guest notifies me that they do not need their temporary housing any longer. I will always get a guest's termination request prior to re-renting their furnished property. When a guest terminates their occupancy, I always view it as another satisfied customer and an opportunity to receive a testimonial or referral.


I will always provide move-in conveniences for the guest. All utilities, services and special requests will be arranged and set up prior to the guests' occupancy date.


I am willing to learn from my mistakes. I am always striving to learn, grow, innovate and master in order to maintain my property's premier distinction.
I understand that all guests do not maintain the same level of care to the furnishings and that I am not emotionally attached to these furnishings it's just a business.


I always look to the system for a solution.
I look for a system solution rather than a people solution.
I follow the system exactly until a new system is introduced.
I suggest system improvements at my first opportunity.


I am consistent in my actions so that ESH, my guests, vendors and service providers can feel comfortable in dealing with me at all times.



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